Advanced Maintenance Support System

SAAM is a tool designed to improve the efficiency of maintenance tasks.
It offers comprehensive support to digitize maintenance processes, including 3D content and Augmented Reality

SAAM is a solution suitable for any sector and for companies of all sizes.

It is based on state-of-the-art technologies and includes the following functionalities:

Classification of digitized content

Comprehensive management of maintenance procedures

Organization of work plans

Agile identification of industrial assets

3D Information and Augmented Reality

Real-time data access

Collaborative video conference assistance


Up-to-date and easily accessible information

Digitalization of the content

Access to information automatically and immediately

Organization, control and diffusion of the contents

Effortlessly updated documentation

Operates from any location and device, online and offline

Quality and control in interventions

Ensures the quality of interventions

Easy assignment of tasks to technicians and assets

Management of the preventive maintenance calendar

Recording of corrective interventions and incidents

History of actions and report generation

Centralized Administration

The contents are distributed to the operators’ devices quickly and safely. Stored locally on the device, they enable the solution to work offline. The system administrator can autonomously perform the following operations:

Integrally manage the publication of content
Create users and assign work plans to them
Easily generate maintenance workflows
Planning resources
Scheduling the tasks of the operators
Link AR markers to content and workflows
Get real-time statistics and reports



Digitalization of Processes


Efficient Maintenance


Cost Savings


Real-Time Data


Integration with External Systems


Intervention Record


Wearables Integration


3D and RA content

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