MAX is a platform designed to perform comprehensive management of Augmented and Virtual reality content channels.

It allows you to edit and distribute advanced content such as 360 videos or 3D images for their use in marketing campaigns.


MAX - Marketing
MAX - Marketing

MAX is an ideal tool in order to support the management of marketing actions.

Based on the latest technologies, MAX offers several functionalities:

  • Open your doors remotely to your customers through a virtual tour of your manufacturing facilities
  • Offer an immersive and personal experience to your users.
  • Promote the launch of new products with Augmented and Virtual reality.
  • Provide your sales team and distributors with their own editing system
  • Enpower your business visits with augmented catalogs
  • Move your machinery and products into fairs virtually
  • Enrich your events and presentations with 360 pictures, 360 videos and 3D product images
  • Implement a communication strategy based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


Customer acquisition and loyalty
It increases the connection with current clients and it attracts new users transmitting immersive emotions.
Facilitates the sale process
It enables potential buyers to understand and visualize better products through 3D images.
Improvement of company positioning
It conveys an image of an innovative company regarding the use of new technologies.
Improve efficiency
Focus on promoting a unique platform rather than content separately, avoiding duplication.
Multi-platform tool
App compatible with IOS and Android.
Activity Record
Get statistics and track usage of the platform.

Centralized administration through a cloud

MAX consists of an administration backend for comprehensive management of content and statistics record.
It is a platform where all the information is created, updated and stored.
Users can access to this content through an App that allows them to display advanced content such as Augmented Reality scenes, 2D videos, 360 photos and 360 videos.

MAX - Marketing

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