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Industry 4.0


Our maintenance solutions have been designed to empower the performance of field technicians, resolving inefficiencies related to the lack of critical knowledge about the tasks.

Industry 4.0
We have two products that enable an easy digitization of information, the visualization of guided processes (SAAM) and remote assistance (ATR). These solutions make it possible to improve knowledge management, minimize incident resolution time and avoid travels of experts.
They are based on state-of-the-art technologies such as augmented reality, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.


Virtual training is a tool with great potential in industrial environments. It allows to train professionals in complex technical procedures and risk situations, in an environment with a high degree of realism. The interaction in virtual environments generates a learning process similar to the real experience in the workstation, which allows to obtain a great efficiency in the training of professionals.

We have a standardized platform for virtual training (SAVI), which provides a comprehensive management of training processes through immersive experiences, enabling the monitoring of user progress as well as the calibration of objectives and levels of difficulty.
Thanks to the experience we have gained in the sector, we have developed a catalogue of standardized experience, to facilitate the incorporation of this type of systems to any company.
Industry 4.0


The connection to the real time data of a plant or a machine, allows to implement advanced solutions of information processing and digital twin.

Industry 4.0
These systems are a virtual representation of the real element that allows to understand, predict and optimize the productive activity to achieve a competitive advantage.
The main functions that we implement based on these technologies are the monitoring and operation of plants in mobility or augmented reality, the prediction of unusual situations and optimization of the operating parameters of a process, or the simulation of different scenarios without interfering in the real environment, improving decision making, reliability and productivity.


We implement support systems to assist operators in assembly tasks and process control in production plants.
Based on mixed reality, our solutions reduce the error rate to zero by displaying step-by-step instructions on the real machine.
They reduce quality control times with advanced verification tools and they minimize the adaptation period of new operators with real time assistance.
Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0

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