Corporate Metaverses

Platform designed to create corporate metaverses that allows to easily implement collaborative workspaces, training dynamics, product showrooms or events and meetings.

ERAVIS use cases


Virtual Showroom

Eravis - Capacitación y entrenamiento

Qualification and training

Eravis - Reuniones Virtuales

Design validation

Eravis - Validación de diseños

Virtual Meetings

Interested in learning more about ERAVIS?

If you want to know more about ERAVIS, our Corporate Metaverse tool, our team will be happy to do a DEMO with you.



ERAVIS is a powerful multi-device tool compatible with PCs and the latest generation of Virtual Reality glasses with high performance features that enable a high quality immersive experience and interaction.


Compatible glasses Open XR

ERAVIS - Innovae Corporate Metaverses

Stand Alone Glasses

ERAVIS - Innovae Corporate Metaverses


Immersive rooms

ERAVIS Sala colaborativa

ERAVIS supports room-scale experiences, which allow users to move around the same game area while interacting in the metaverse.

Through sensors located on the ceiling or on the floor, the Virtual Reality glasses detect the location of each user and replicate it in the virtual space.



Corporate Metaverses

Interested in learning more about ERAVIS and Corporate Metaverses?

If you want to know more about ERAVIS, our team will be happy to do a DEMO with you.

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