VLAB Industry 4.0

As a result of collaboration with the Nodus Barberà Business Centre, we have put a laboratory in place called VLAB INDUSTRY 4.0. It is dedicated and oriented toward businesses and industry with the goal of promoting and fostering the use and application of new technologies like virtual and augmented reality within professional work environments.

This laboratory seeks to encourage development and implementation of Industry 4.0 in real settings by providing companies a space for knowledge, creativity, and innovation focused on new opportunities in industry and new business models.

Who is it intended for?

The working methodology and operation of VLAB is based on the creation of user groups when visiting the lab. Participants are grouped by business sector and topic when taking part in a training session that lasts about 2 hours during which exhibitions and demonstrations of practical uses of virtual and augmented reality, as they apply to different sectors of economic and industrial activities, will be carried out.

All sessions are geared toward the private sector, companies, managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs interested in the development of digital and technological skills and expertise.

It is intended for people who fit these professional profiles:

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Where is VLAB

Polígono Industrial Can Salvatella c. Mogoda, 1 – 08210 Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona)
Telf.: 610 17 67 50 | info@virtual-lab.eu | www.virtual-lab.eu