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At Innovae we support entrepreneurship and the startup experience as some of the principle means for creating economic prosperity and generating innovation in business.

Because of this, we are committed to creating new business opportunities supported by entrepreneurship through a startups incubator. This incubator is oriented as a venture builder focusing on the augmented and virtual reality field. We call it Eywa Space.

The startups that we select to be a part of the incubator come from the initiative of entrepreneurs who have an idea in the area of AR/VR. Some startups are selected by Innovae, which selects teams of entrepreneurs to carry out new business opportunities that we consider to be of great strategic interest or which rely on the technological assets that Innovae already has.

The support that the Incubator provides startups consists of

  • Support with research and approval of their value proposition as well as support with delineating their business model.
  • Guidance for gaining access to potential high-level clients in order to obtain their first sales.
  • Training in areas that the entrepreneurial team needs, with access to professionals with extensive experience in AR/VR and specialized mentoring in other disciplines.
  • Support from our technical team for the reutilization of technological assets and the development of new solutions.
  • Seed capital and comprehensive support for the development of a financial plan for the business initiative.
  • Preparing the company to access funding rounds or acceleration programs as the startup reaches levels of appropriate maturity.Help on the search and validation of the value proposition and the business model.

What startups give to the Incubator

  • A percentage of the company, depending upon the specific circumstances of each project.
  • A royalty from the sales in those cases where technical assets contributed by the company are used.

Contact us if you are

  • An entrepreneurial team with an idea in the AR/VR field and you need a professional technical team to help your ideas take shape.
  • A team of entrepreneurs with a technical profile who have a functional prototype and need support from professionals who speak the same language in order to jointly create a successful business.
  • A company that wants to launch a new service or product related to AR/VR and that needs a technology partner.

Contact us at info@eywa.space


Startups in Eywa Space


Startup focused on 2D and 360/VR content distribution platforms and immersive solutions for entertainment and leisure sectors. Specialized in win new fans, fans engagements and finding different monetization ways through the content platforms.



Startup that develops an omnidirectional platform focused on its use with VR glasses with the purpose of creating a natural interaction in virtual environments.


Startup that develops advanced data visualization tools based on virtual reality. These solutions are oriented to several areas such as Smart cities, Industry 4.0, Banking, Health and Environment.



Virtual reality channel with experiences of cognitive stimulation aimed at working on emotions of elderly people. This channel allow users to visit different places and live unforgettable experiences, improving their wellness.



This startup is dedicated to the exploitation of 360-degree videos for channel content in the travel industry. Virtual reality channels with 360-degree videos revolutionize the buying experience and allow travel agencies to improve their sales results.



This is a startup that produces and markets children’s educational books that incorporate augmented reality. It has several collections on the market such as ARBI and Olili. Their books are found in more than 30 countries.



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