Basquegame Lab

Basquegame Lab was born with the aim of having a meeting point where Basque companies can discover the potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies in sectors such as industry, education and health, among others.

In this meeting space, endowed with different demonstrators, you can test all kinds of solutions and possibilities that can be transferred to a production environment. These solutions help entrepreneurs to envision the high benefits of applying this type of technologies both in training operators in specialized tasks, and in qualifying commercials in prescribing new products.

Located in the Ensanche of Bilbao, the space is the result of public-private collaboration led by Gaia, Bilbao City Hall and Vizcaya Regional Council. Innovae, as a partner of Gaia and being one of the founders of LAB, actively collaborates in the dynamization of this space, through the organization of presentations, seminars and technological workshops.

If you want further information about the space or you are interested in visiting us, contact us at

Basquegame LAB
Plaza del Ensanche